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Merch Launch Status

Current Merch Launch: July-August 2023

Status update Aug 18th

Due to the unexpected high volume of orders, especially in the last week of the merch launch, the order dispatching time (initially predicted as start of October) will have to be moved to the end of October, start of November. I sincerely apologize if this schedule change has created any issues for you. It is fantastic that so many of you wanted to support me, and I did not expect such a high volume of orders. Keychains especially take a long time to make, since they are handled with much care, so I promise you that the wait will be worth it! There are now 52 different Danganronpa keychains alone in my shop. As always, everyone will receive exciting little gifts alongside their free keychain decorations, as compensation for your wait. Please get in touch if you need any help with your order!

Status update Aug 22nd

The order has been placed!

Status update Nov 1st

The order has been received and orders are being dispatched in bathches.